May 29, 2024

LiveWire adds Ampex ATR-102 and 104 to Transfer Lab

Doug McClement

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LiveWire is pleased to announce that we have become the custodians of legendary mastering engineer the late Peter Moore’s Ampex ATR-102 and 104 reel to reel tape machines. Peter used these machines for his Grammy award winning restoration of Bob Dylan and The Band’s Basement Tapes. Peter’s family has entrusted us to maintain and continue using these machines, considered the “Rolls-Royce” of analog tape decks. LiveWire is very active in the analog to digital transfer field, with an assortment 2 track, 4 track, and 8 track reel to reel decks with various tape formats and speeds available. We also have DAT, ADAT, Tascam DA-88, Sony PCM F1, Beta HiFi, VHS Hi Fi, Tascam X48, audio cassette, vinyl, and several other formats available for high quality transfer to Protools or pure wave files.

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