Tour Pack

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48 Track system that fits into a Minivan

LiveWire Remote Recorders has made it easy to record multiple tour dates on digital multitrack with a mininum of cost and setup time. Our “Tourpack” is a 48 track studio in six boxes, consisting of 48 high definition ATI Paragon mic preamps, 48 Paragon limiters and a pair of 48 track Tascam X-48 recorders. The output of one recorder is fed to a 48 channel stereo mixer built into the ATI mic pre’s,  so that a reference mix can easily be routed to a CD Burner, or a broadcast mobile.

The system also features a Furman ac power regulator to protect the gear from power spikes and brown-outs. A Ward-Beck meter bridge allows the engineer to monitor the stereo output on two high quality VU meters, as well as a phase meter.

The control room output is independent of the stereo mix, so the operator can monitor and solo tracks via headphones, or via Genelec powered speakers.

The entire system is housed in six shock-mounted flight cases.

The ATI mixers feature individual phase reverse, solo, ground lift and 48v phantom power switches. For a complete online manual, visit

The whole system only draws 15 amps, and power can be provided via 20 amp Twist-lok or standard U-Ground connectors.

For an extra charge, we can also provide a 48 channel mic splitter and snake, a pair of powered Mackie 824 speakers, audience mics, and intercom system or whatever else you feel will help your production.

Since the equipment only takes up an area the size of a banquet table, it can be placed next to the FOH or monitor console, or in a room backstage.


Daily Rate: Rates are flexible, depending on whether or not you require an operator, multitrack backup, etc. Please contact us for a quote.

Equipment List



• 6 ATI 8MX2 Mixers containing a total of
• 48 high quality mic preamps with direct outputs
• 48 peak limiters, phantom power switch on each input
• phase reverse switch on each input
• solo button on each input
• stereo mix output fed by 48 input mix buss with
• volume and panning to feed video control room
• stereo control room output (independent of stereo mix output)
• stereo headphone output
• ability to monitor the 2 mix return
• metering: PFL level, limiter gain reduction
• Db25 splitter to feed mic pre outputs to main and backup X48


• 2 x Tascam X-48 48 track digital recorders (one primary, one backup)


• Ward-Beck Stereo VU/Phase Meter
• US Audio Stereo Audio Distribution Amp


. Genelec powered monitors
. Fostex headphones


• Six Heavy duty two foot shock mounted flight cases
• Equipment surrounded by two inches of dense foam.


Console to multitrack sends and returns via two 176 pin Seismate connectors. System only requires xlr inputs to mic-pre’s, or a set of xlr tails from p.a. stagebox split. Stereo mix output on xlr’s, balanced 1/4″ phone, or RCA’s.

We can alternately record to a firewire drive connected to a Macbook Pro laptop using Boom Recorder software. The Macbook accepts 64 channels of MADI audio input via an HME Madiface Interface. We have SSL Alpha MX16-4 Analog to MADI digital converters which are fed by the 48 ATI Mic Preamps.