Air Pack

The LiveWire Airpack has traveled to four continents, to record shows in Germany, Spain, Newfoundland, Nigeria, Cyprus, Jamaica, Banff, Israel and Kuwait. The Airpack can go to locations where a mobile would be impractical. We’ve taped performances at the top of a mountain, in a cave, on a boat and even on a moving train! A worldwide power regulator allows the system to operate on 110 or 220 volt standards with no hums or buzzes.

Equipment List



• Tascam DM-4800 64 input mixer with 5.1 output, total snapshot recall of all parameters, two built-in tc electronic digital reverbs


• 2 x Tascam X-48 48 track recorders (one primary, one backup) using wave files on a firewire drive,
or Macbook Pro with Boom Recorder Software via MADI


• Genelec 1031a Powered Monitors
• Fostex Headphones

Outboard Gear Available On Request

• Lexicon PCM70 Digital Reverb
• Yamaha D1500 Digital Delay
• Drawmer DL241 Stereo Compressor
• 2 dbx 162vu vintage Stereo Compressor
• Drawmer DS404 Quad Noise Gate
• cdt 8 channel compressor
• U.S. Audio Stereo Audio Distribution Amp
• Fostex Oscillator, 4 channel phantom power supply
• Brainstorm Destripalyzer SMPTE Time Code Cleaner/Distribution
• Emprical Labs Fatso Analog Tape Simulator
• Teletronix LA-2A tube limiter
• Urei 1176LN compressor (blackface)
• 2 Pultec EQP-1A tube eq’s


• Various AKG, Shure, Beyer, Sennheiser


• Panasonic colour camera on 250 video snake with remote pan/tilt/zoom
• JVC 9” colour monitor


• 54 channel mic snake in two 250’ lengths. Three way, transformer splits. Ground lift on each input.
• Intercom: Clear Com 2-Channel Master Station. Two headsets and beltpacks on 250’ comm snake.
• Talkback speaker on stage independent of monitor system.

AC Power

• System requires 20 amp U-ground. Furman AR-PRO power regulator accepts 220 volt or 110 volt input.

Space Requirements

• An air conditioned 15’ by 12’ room, or a cube van.


King Sunny Ade in Concert – Lagos, Nigeria
Salome Bey at Expo – ‘92 Seville, Spain
BTO at Sask. Penitentiary – Prince Albert
MuchMusic Spring Break – Daytona Beach
Bryan Adams – Vancouver, B.C.
Jammin’ in Jamaica – Montego Bay
Christmas with The Troops-  Kuwait, Cyprus
Spinal Tap – St. John’s, Newfoundland
Hootie and the Blowfish – Banff, Alberta
MuchMusic Train – Vancouver to Halifax
Gilles Vigneault – Quebec City
L.L. Cool J. – Sun Peaks, B.C.
Chumbawamba – Sun Peaks, B.C.
Collective Soul – Cornerbrook, Nfld.
Lilith Fair Live CD – U.S. Tour ’97
GooGoo Dolls -Banff -, Alberta
The House – Atlanta, Georgia
Nortel Annual Meeting – San Francisco
Barenaked Ladies – Daytona Beach
Jann Arden – Vancouver, B.C.
Paul Brandt, Jon Berry – Calgary Stampede
Cabaret – Princess of Wales Theatre – Toronto, Ont.
Barenaked Ladies – Top of the CN Tower
Shaggy – Snowjob 2001 in Kamloops, B.C.
Leahy Kitchen Party – Lakefield Ont.
The Tragically Hip Across the Causeway – Kingston Ont.
Beautiful Noise – 13 episode concert series for RAVE-TV
Over the Rainbow – 13 episode competition series for CBC-TV
Cover Me Canada – 13 episode competition series for CBC-TV
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? – 13 episode competition series for CBC-TV
Spun Out – 13 episode sitcom starring Dave Foley, for CTV
Kaeshammer Live! – nominated for a Juno Award for best music dvd of 2012