Equipment & Services

The LiveWire Mobile is a 32′ long air-ride trailer, with a machine room, control room, and maintenance room. The truck is equipped for full 5.1 surround sound monitoring. One side expands to give an additional four feet of width, resulting in a 16′ x 12′ control room, designed by Pilchner-Schoustal, one of North America’s top studio design firms. It’s rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the world’s best sounding control rooms on wheels.

In 2008 we installed a new SSL C200 digital console in the mobile. (It is the same model as the one used on the David Letterman Show) The SSL has 96 inputs on banks of 32 faders, 5.1 surround sound bussing, and snapshot recall of all parameters. 96 SSL mic pre’s feed the console via a 1000′ fibre optic snake, with 32 additional ATI Paragon mic pre’s available, fed by a 52 channel snake.

We can provide up to 128 tracks of Protools HD backed up by 96 tracks of Tascam X-48 on firewire drives.

A closed circuit intercom and camera system ensures good communication between the audio mobile, the performance area, and the video control room, and our time code analyzer helps guarantee perfect sync between sound and picture. The iclock master digital clock will keep sending sync to the recorders even if its input is disconnected, so we never lose clock reference.

The truck has recorded concerts in New York City, Nashville, Quebec, Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa, Cleveland, The Maritimes, Vancouver, Detroit, Buffalo, Boston, Montreal, and even Daytona Beach, Florida. We’ll go anywhere in North America to record your project!

LiveWire took the portable rig to Gordon Lightfoot’s house to record him performing two songs for’s Canada Day special.     It was a privilege to record a Canadian music icon.

June 22, 2020

Doug set up the 48 track portable rig in a park behind the Scarborough Arts Centre to record Cuban-Canadian combo Okan for’s Canada Day livestream.    An excellent group of very talented musicians.

LiveWire has been busy restoring and digitizing the Max Webster audio tape library.    The popular 7o’s Toronto band had entrusted LiveWire to help preserve its archive for the future.    Many of the tapes required baking, along with redoing any  More...

Soulpepper Theatre’s production of “The Rose” has won the Gold Medal at the New York Festivals Radio Competition, in the Best Children’s Audiobook category. The musical was recorded at the Young Theatre last year by Doug McClemen  More...

We spent the month of February installing four Genelec 1029a powered monitors on pipes attached to the ceiling of the control room in the LiveWire mobile. Yorkville Pro Audio supplied us with a Merging Technologies HAPI interface and Anubis Immersive Moni  More...