April 7, 2021

Agreement Bet Maroc


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A major turning point for fire protection in buildings. The process of granting building permits for all kinds of buildings is already changing today. Developers, architects and builders must now have their fire safety plans validated at licensed fire departments. In other words, this means that it is no longer the civil protection authorities that will issue building permits, as did the decree enforcing Law 12-03 on the General Building, published in June 2019, which will come into force on 8 January. “From now on, the Municipal Agency will require a certificate from an approved design office. The office therefore commits its criminal responsibility in issuing the certificate of compliance “, explains “Morning-Eco” Adil Faouzi, director of Besie, French-Moroccan office of “Stun- Until then, fire plans required validation of civil protection services, which could lead to long delays, according to our promoters. The intervention of the technical fire offices was then limited to accompanying projects under construction or renovation, relying exclusively on a guide and above all on the French regime. In Morocco, fire protection was not regulated until 2014 by the decree of 15 October. “Over the past three years, the mission has moved to the admission of fire protection offices, which has given legitimacy and recognition to our profession,” said the CEO of Besie, one of three licensed BETs throughout Morocco. According to our information, the other two offices are CasaVigilance and Sepsi. These operators are competing for a market with a turnover of DH 2 million for the study activity.

“In theory, the fact that it is civil protection or service providers that enforce laws and standards does not change anything. In reality, it changes everything. A private office is more technical and always keeps its deadlines, which is important for the architect or the owner”, argues a promoter from Rabat who requested anonymity. Planning, monitoring, coordination. Hydraulic construction, roads, works, geotechnical, environmental engineering office and construction and roads, steel structure Office of Technical Studies Construction and Public Works Technical studies, hotel, hospital and industrial institutions Besie, which operates for 6 years on the market via two offices in Casablanca and Tangier, claims more than 67 partners, with public and private references. , for the body of architects and contractors in Morocco. Building permits will no longer go through civil protection services to validate fire protection plans. From now on, the municipal agency must require one of the three certified technical engineering offices (OEOs) to have a certificate or validation certifying that the project plan complies with the regulations.

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