April 7, 2021

Access And Security Manager Agreement


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16. Final agreement; Successors and endowments; Enjoy it. Subject to the terms of Section 1.2, this agreement is the final agreement reached between the service-related parties on the terms set out in it. This agreement is binding on each client and his respective successors, but cannot, at his discretion, yield without the written consent of the bank. This agreement benefits the Bank and its PSOs, including, but not exclusively, All provisions of this Agreement in favour of the Bank, including, but not limited, to all insurance, guarantees and powers of each client, as well as all disclaimers and limitations of liability, also apply and are subject to the benefits of each of its PSOs, including, but not exclusively, is a intended third party beneficiary of the agreement and may enforce the provisions of this contract to any customer as if he were a party. The bank has the right, at its sole discretion, to provide all or part of the service set by the bank, at its sole discretion, by its ASPs, and to fulfil its obligations through its PSD. As soon as users are configured and have a user ID and password, they have instant access to the accounts. They are asked to complete their registration by creating a password, a security code and confirming their number and address. Yes, for each account, you can identify the level of access (“no access,” “only ads,” “Transact,” “Ads and -Transact”) for each account. If they can make transactions, you can also determine the type of transactions and add all the limits you want to set for the amount that can be deferred, and if they need another person to approve a transaction before the money is actually deferred.

1.4 The bank grants the customer a non-exclusive, limited and revocable right to use the Service, as well as software and applications (together “products” associated) provided by the bank and its “ASPs” (herein section). The customer may not use the service or products for any other purpose and may not copy, modify or display, assign, sublicensing, distribute or transfer shares of this agreement or derivatives to third parties. The customer can download and use data, provided it does not remove copyright or other indications. With the exception of the rights and rights conferred on all products, including any improvements, modifications and derivative works, all rights and rights to all products are retained at all times by the Bank and its ASPs. The products are trade secrets and the customer keeps them secret, confidential and proprietary.